(The story below is hand-written on the back.)
St. Don was a gracious and gregarious man. Born of the people, he drew joy from the happiness of others. And his cat. His subjects were balanced in work and play, education by day, athletics by night. To both he devoted his passion. St. Don offered education as a way to expand people's perspectives, improve their livelihoods and create harmony through mutual understanding. This became his life goal. These contributions and his giving nature gained this beloved saint utmost respect in the kingdom--and a crown as honorary prince.

Size: 5 1/2” X 17”
Price: SOLD

Don is president of a university and very active in the community. This Santo was presented to him at a Nutcracker performance as a thank you for all his efforts in the community and for playing the honorary role of Prince Cavalier.

"...of all the multitude of honors Dr. Don and Shirley Beggs have received, they feel that the greatest compliment and award was being made Saints!  I have found that a Santo is the cleverest way to recognize, honor or award someone... or simply to let them know that you love, admire and respect them!  After all, what higher attainment is there than to be made a Saint?" —Ann Garvey