Kathy Tran's creative process entails more than simply carving and painting the subject onto wood. The artist begins with a conversation to find out what the person's interests/hobbies/passions are be it law, world peace, music or their beloved pet and any specific requirements that they have.

The person then sends or emails one or more clear, crisp photos of the person some straight on, some at an angle preferably with no smile or a slight smirk. At that point, Kathy will talk to them about any ideas and direction she might have.

When they both agree on a direction, she will continue with a sketch and write an embellished and flattering biography. She will make any revisions at this time.

Upon the client's final approval of the sketch, she will begin the carving and painting process. With sensitivity to your preferences and tastes, Kathy Tran partners with you in creating an heirloom you will cherish and feel proud of.