She was a wise woman of pure thought, heart and deed. As a seamstress, she drew her livelihood from a silver needle, golden thimble, gossamer thread and a pair of magical sheers. With her special talents, she cut an enchanted swath into the fabric of people’s lives—designing gowns that brought out inner beauty. Upon donning her garments, paupers suddenly realized that they were princes. In her garb, Ladies and Knights felt empowered, as if they had reclaimed the Holy Grail or found the tomb of King Arthur that had been lost in the mists of Avalon.  

She could be recognized by her two feline muses, Pony and Viper, who accompanied her wherever she went.  Pony provided the curious, confident and zany panache that infused the designs of Saint Anne Marie. Viper, who tended to be a bit shier, would hide under the hem of his lady’s gown, reminding her of the importance of earthly connection, pragmatism, modesty, and taking the time to savor beauty in all its forms.

Over time, our Lady cultivated a wide and diverse following. At first the draw was her unique and transformative costumes. Later, friends and clientele came to her for earnest conversation, philosophical debates and advice on matters of the heart. Some people would even create excuses to have garments made—for there was beauty in just being in her presence.

Size: 5 1/2" X 29"
Price: SOLD

This was a gift to Ann Marie from her mother. Ann Marie is a fashion designer with a fond love for her two cats.