Saint Rick was a clever and joyful soul with a compassionate nature.

Throughout the land, he was revered for his generous heart and his healthy sense of humor. He was never at loss for a kind word, a sincere compliment or words of encouragement. All creatures he encountered were deeply touched by his kindness and genuine interest in their well-being. Friends and family flocked to him for he had yet other gifts, including a magical third eye, which allowed him to view the world for others in multiple dimensions. From this prism, he was able to wisely shed light on many of life’s perplexing situations. In times of strife, he was able to bring peace. And in times of peace, he was able to encourage others along the path of their higher calling.

Although he was a devout man of God, Saint Rick was also known to have a sense of humor.  He loved to laugh. He was not afraid to be silly. And on occasion, this man, who was forever young at heart, engaged in a bit of monkey business. In addition to a mild obsession of  gifting stuffed primates—a trait he inherited from his family--- he was known to hide unusual objects in unlikely places to let loved ones know that he was thinking about them.

This clever, curious and endearing saint is venerated by the strangers who soon became his friends.  And by the Friends who became his family. And by his expanding family that was forever blessed by his unconditional brotherly love.

Size: 31"X9"
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