MANDONNA OF THE DAN (her husband)
Born into life as a prima dona, Mandona of the Dan was a connoisseur of life's finer attributes. And a chastiser of life's imperfections. Some called her nit-picky. Others called her a woman of impeccable discernment. In any event, with her own magic artistry, she could charm and cajole those around her to rise to new standards while doing her bidding. She was affectionately dubbed Mandonna with an "N", as opposed to the traditional Madonna, deriving from the Latin, relating to the Matriarch and meaning the 'bossy one."

She was lovingly surrounded by co-workers, who jumped at every word she uttered, her dog, wouldn't pee unless given permission and her husband, never could get his way at home without a feather duster in hand. But he too, was wise to the Mandonna’s ways, and graciously brought balance to both of them. And thus life was complete and life was good.

Size: 24” X 5 1/2”
Price: SOLD

Susan received her santo as a gift from her husband, Dan. "Mandonna of the Dan" is so meaningful, not just because of how much she looks like me and Dan...but equally important because of the hilarious story Kathy tells. It's the only piece of art I've ever owned that is truly priceless.” — Susan Ruettimann