Santo began when we moved into a new place and wanted to make it feel like home. Since then, it’s evolved into a gallery representing some of today’s most established photographers from around the world.

We believe we all have one thing in common: when you surround yourself with what’s important, life gets better. At the heart of Santo is the mission of putting what you love where you can see it every day.


Printed with meticulous attention to detail, our Fine Art prints are made with premium archival smooth paper. Our artisan frames are handcrafted and include a white mat and UV-blocking acrylic.


Every Santo original is released as a Limited Edition run; when sold out we do not restock.


To make framing accessible to our collectors, we produce modern hardwood frames and sell them at-cost. Our framers are handcrafted with the same materials and quality craftsmanship that you’ll find at any premium framer, but without the traditional 2-3x mark up.


Why collect from Santo?

Santo supports a roster of established artists and the work you see on our site is exclusive — you won’t find the same piece elsewhere or in other galleries. By purchasing through Santo, you’re bringing inspiration into your life every day, investing in the careers of artists and supporting the future of photography.

How are your prints made?

Our Fine Art prints are made with premium archival smooth paper and are only available in Limited Edition runs.

How will I decide what piece will fit me best?

We offer complimentary consultation via our Live Chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen. You can also reach us by email at

What’s the mark up on framing?

We produce custom, premium hardwood frames and sell them at cost. We don't make money on framing — we just believe that our customers should be able to enjoy their artwork framed without the usual headache and mark-up.

How can I ensure my piece is authentic?

Each piece sold by Santo Gallery arrives with a signed Certificate of Authenticity which ensures the piece has been made to meet Fine Art specifications.

Where did the name Santo come from?

Santo is named after Palo Santo, an energy-cleansing substance that's often burned at home. 


Beau Bo
Daniel Gorostieta
Daniel Malikyar
Dylan Schwartz
Elaine Li
Emmett Sparling
Garrett King
Hannes Becker
Jude Allen
Martin Zapanta
Nikk La
Quinn Matthews
Ryan Field
Ryan Millier
Sage Stephens
Sam Alive