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Frame Moldings:
Our gallery frames are made with premium Italian wood and are available in a black, white and natural finish. This frame profile was designed to be used in a variety of interiors — its slim face and deeper side has a sleek and minimal effect.


All pieces under 25 x 40” have a 1” face and a 1.25” depth.


For larger pieces, we use a specialized frame molding that has a 1” face and a 2.25” depth. This creates a jaw-dropping method of displaying large artworks, and is the preferred choice for many galleries and designers.


Mat Board:
We use acid-free mat boards, which protect your artwork from yellowing or becoming brittle with time. The neutral contrast of a white mat helps artwork really pop, creating a stunning viewing experience.


Photography Prints under 24 x 36” have a 4-ply cut mat; anything larger has an 8-ply cut mat.


Art Prints are floated, meaning the mat serves as a backdrop behind the artwork.


UV Protective Acrylic:
Framing-grade acrylic has become a new standard in Fine Art framing. Although it’s more costly, it is also clearer, more impact resistant, and protects artwork against exposure to UV-rays.


Hanging Hardware:
All frames arrive with metal hardware attached to the back for easy wall installation.