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The Beautiful Game

There's only one thing that brings all people together: football (soccer). Regardless of socioeconomic status, millions are given hope through their love of the beautiful game. This Santo Gallery original series captures the beloved sport in its purest form around the world. In 2022, the collection was given the International Photography Award for Best Sports Series.

Joga Bonito Joga Bonito

Joga Bonito

Santo Original

From $195.00

Bicycle Kick Bicycle Kick

Bicycle Kick

Santo Original

From $175.00

"This piece invokes a sense of freedom and joy found in the barrio. I love it, having been to Brazil and seeing their joy of life and finding the positive in things it reminds me of that and I'm thankful for that." ★★★★★

- Jeffrey A.

Taj Volley Taj Volley

Taj Volley

Santo Original

From $175.00

Playmaker Playmaker


Santo Original

From $175.00

Collection Backstory

Photographed In: Brazil, Cuba, India


Santo Co-Founder, Daniel Malikyar, comes from a lineage of footballers and is a lifelong enthusiast of the sport. He traveled across South America and Asia to capture candid moments that embody the spirit of the beautiful game. In 2022, this body of work was given the International Photography Award for Best Sports Series.

“I learned all about life with a ball at my feet.”