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Santo x Magnus Walker

Acclaimed fashion designer and one of the world’s most prolific Porsche collectors, Magnus Walker has rewritten the American dream for a whole new generation. This exclusive collection celebrates his unconventionality and features 8 of his most iconic Porsche 911s.

Turbo Fever Turbo Fever

Turbo Fever

Santo x Magnus Walker

From $225.00

Turbo Trio Turbo Trio

Turbo Trio

Santo x Magnus Walker

From $225.00

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Greased Lightning Greased Lightning

Greased Lightning

Santo x Magnus Walker

From $195.00

Turbo Diptych Turbo Diptych

Turbo Diptych

Santo x Magnus Walker

From $675.00

Zebra Crossing Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing

Santo x Magnus Walker

From $195.00

LA River LA River

LA River

Santo x Magnus Walker

From $195.00

Lone Wolf Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

Santo x Magnus Walker

From $195.00

Desert Outlaw Desert Outlaw

Desert Outlaw

Santo x Magnus Walker

From $195.00

"Turbo Fever looks stunning in real life. Now it’s on the wall and I stare at it for ages without realizing. Definitely happy with it!"

- Neal J.

Magnus Walker

b. Sheffield, UK. Based in Los Angeles, CA.


Serial entrepreneur Magnus Walker is one of life’s originals. A renowned fashion designer, property developer, motivational speaker and one of the world’s most notorious Porsche collectors, the dreadlocked and tattooed manifestation of creativity is the very embodiment of modern success. Born and raised in Sheffield Magnus left school without any qualifications and drifted for several years before buying a one-way ticket to America. Now, thirty years and three successful businesses later, after following his instincts and rejecting convention and pursuing his passions, Magnus is renowned for his pioneering spirit.

“Some people like to go to the Pebble Beach
Concours d'Elegance, put their car on a golf course, have judges with white gloves and Q-tips tell them what's wrong with it, and then go home with a plaque… I’m not that guy.”

- Magnus Walker

Featured 'Outlaw' Porsche 911's:

1971 #277 Porsche 911 T

1975 & 1976 Porsche 930 Turbos

1995 Porsche 993 Art Car

1967 Porsche 911S

1978 Porsche SCHR

1974 Porsche 935 Slantnose

“Magnus is a fascinating guy… a modern renaissance man.”

- Jay Leno